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Why You Need A Critical Care Medicine

Why You Need A Critical Care Medicine

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For using special positions

Special positions is: sticky_left, stickey_right, notice, tool_bottom. You can use them for any module type. And to use, please go to Module Manager config your module to your desired postion.

You can disable by:

  • Go to Administrator » Template Manager » Your_Template » Tab: Advanced » Use special positions » select: No for all special positions
  • Go to Administrator » Module magager » Your_Module(by postion: sticky_left/stickey_right/notice/tool_bottom) » Status: Unpublish for that module

For customize module in special position

The solution is used Module Class Suffix. You can customize button, module content follow Module Class Suffix

Ex: Module Class Suffix: bg-white @bullhorn then:
- Class of buttom is 'icon-bullhorn'. If without @... the default is 'icon-pushpin'. You can find the full icons of usage at Font Awesome  
- Class of module is 'bg-white'

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